Welcome to the Virtual Pinewood Derby!
Do your best!
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Enjoy the recording of the derby event.


Cars must adhere to the 2021 official rules listed below.

Dimensions & Weight

Cars must not exceed 142 grams.
Maximum length is 7".
Maximum width is 2 3/4".
Maximum height is 5".
Mininum 3/8" clearance under body.


No precut car kits allowed.
Official wood block must be used.
Official wheels & axles must be used.
Dry graphite lube is allowed.
Axles may be polished.

Complete Rules

All cars must be weighed in on February 7th.
A PDF version of the complete rules can be downloaded here.


Below is the complete list of qualified racers.

Lightning Bolt
#1 Hayden W.
#5 Ben W.
Summer Treat
#23 Rosalie R.

Glitter Bomb
#31 Waverly C.
The Nail Polish Shard
#34 Solomon B.

The Whittling Bench
#15 Asst. Cubmaster Brian Bedard

Blue and White
#2 Elliot D.
Crazy 8
#3 Hugo S.
Red Rider
#4 Walter W.
Picnic Basket
#6 Filomena B.
The Speed Demon
#7 Caden L.
The Black Hole
#8 Chase H.
#9 Avery W.
Ariel Atom
#10 Rafael M.
Jamaican Bobsled Team
#11 Nicky V.
Stolen Speeder Bike
#12 Alexander V.
Red Sus
#13 Ean K.
Red Devil
#14 Gemma H.
A Sandwich
#16 Willa N.
Hole Foods
#17 Miles N.
The Ace
#18 Parker F.
Stuffed Foods
#19 Jojo N.
Bugatti Chiron
#20 Anders P.
#21 Cameron K.
Slice O' Cheese
#22 Ronan B.
Safe House
#24 Joshua R.
Faster Than Sound
#25 Michael M.
Hot Tub
#26 Sam M.
Shark Attack
#27 Loehn M.
#28 Bethany P.
Kermit the Turtle
#29 Olivia P.
Rich Wise Nacho
#30 Hutton C.
Pink e-Racer
#32 Logan L.
Among Shuttle
#33 Kai B.
Scout Laws
#41 Bennett F.


This is the plan for 2021.

Our Friendly Judges

This panel of judges will choose the design awards for 2021.

Dean H.


Brian B.

Asst. Cubmaster

Caitlan F.

Committee Chair

Remember to Do Your Best. The Pinewood Derby is not about winning, but having fun and learning from your mistakes. Enjoy yourself & good luck racing!